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Dr. Rob Gilbert is one of the premier sport psychologists in the United States. For the past 25 years, he has consulted with thousands of athletes to help them achieve their athletic dreams.

He specializes in helping his clients achieve peak performance under stressful conditions. He has conducted motivational workshops for both business and sports teams on doing your best when the pressure to win is at its highest.

For five years, Dr. Gilbert was the editor of Bits and Pieces, the international motivational newsletter which was the inspiration for the best selling Chicken Soup for the Soul book series.

Other books Gilbert has authored include Read this Book Tonight to Help You Win Tomorrow and Gilbert on Greatness: How Sport Psychology Can Help Make You a Champion.

He received his undergraduate and Ph.D. degree from the University of Massachusetts.

Dr. Gilbert is currently a sport psychology professor at Montclair State University in Upper Montclair, New Jersey where he resides.

John Sikes Jr. has been the editor of the Championship Performance coaching journal for the past ten years.

Read by thousands of coaches from the high school to professional level,
Championship Performance is the leading edge resource on the psychology of peak athletic performance.

As a 25 year golfer, he has experienced all the highs and lows the game has to offer and is well acquainted with the psychological struggles that come along with playing your best golf. He has used the techniques in Good to Great Golf to improve his game.

John Sikes Jr. is a graduate of the University of Florida College of Journalism. He currently lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and two children.

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