18 Benefits
If you are still undecided about whether to purchase
Good to Great Golf
… Here are 18 game changing benefits:

1) Read this Book Tonight…Lower Your Score Tomorrow

2) Develop the Mental Toughness and Attitude of Tiger Woods

3) Avoid the 14 Killer Words that Will Raise Your Score

4) Proven Techniques to Recover Quickly from Poor Shots

5) The Little Known Lee Trevino Method for Playing Better Golf

6) Essential Steps to Develop the Focus of Champions

7) Instant Stress Relieving Techniques

8) Discover the Surprising Causes of Choking Under Pressure

9) How to Develop "Tee to Green Confidence"

10) The Tom Watson Technique for Improved Concentration

11) Conquer Irrational Fears to Perform Your Best at Crunch Time

12) The Earl Woods Training Tactic that Helped Tiger Block Out Distractions

13) How Mentally "Anchoring Shots" in Practice Translates to Better Shot-making

14) Practical Tips to Control Emotion and Adrenaline Levels

15) Achieve Incremental Game Improvement with "Mission Goal Setting"

16) Brad Faxon's 4 Steps to Great Putting

17) Improve Accuracy by Developing a Personalized Pre-Shot Routine

18) Practice Strategies You Will Use Forever to Lower Your Score

Order your copy of Good to Great Golf today.

Good to Great Golf Benefits
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Order the book
18 Benefits
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