Chapter Listings

Introduction: A Golf Story You Will Never Forget

Chapter 1: The Overnight Success Principle

Chapter 2: The One Tactic to Improve Your Golf Game Immediately

Chapter 3: Release Your Mental Emergency Break

Chapter 4: The Killer Attitude that Destroys Your Great Round

Chapter 5: The Often Overlooked Key to Shooting a Lower Score

Chapter 6: Proven Concentration Techniques to Achieve the Focus of Champions

Chapter 7: Practice Habits to Revolutionize the Way You Play the Game

Chapter 8: Visualizing Your Next Best Round to
Make it a Reality

Chapter 9: Ultimate Golf Psychology:
3 Sure Fire Methods to Lower Your Score

-- Goal-Setting Strategies to Improve Your
Game Now and Forever

-- Slumpbusting

-- The Psychology of Finishing Strong Every Time

Chapter 10: Decision or Action: In the End, It's Up to You

Chapter 11: 36 Power Statements to Play Your Best Golf Today

Good to Great Golf
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