Book Dedication
This book is dedicated to the work of the
International Justice Mission. (

20 percent of the profits of this book sold directly through the web site will go to support this Christian based relief organization who work on behalf of the oppressed around the world, particularly children at risk of sexual exploitation.

IJM serves a Four-Fold Purpose:

1) Victim Relief - Relieve the victim of the abuse currently being committed.

2) Perpetrator Accountability - Bring accountability and just consequences under the law to the specific perpetrator(s) of abuse.

3) Structural Prevention - Prevent the abuse from being committed against others who are at risk by strengthening community factors that are likely to deter potential oppressors, reduce the vulnerability of at-risk populations and empower local authorities to stop such abuses.

4) Victim Aftercare - Provide access to services to help victims transition to their new lives and to encourage long-term success.

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