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Book excerpt two from Chapter 7: Practice Habits
that Will Revolutionize the Way You Play the Game

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after Chapter 9: Ultimate Golf Psychology

Book excerpt one from Chapter 1:
The Overnight Success Principle

For the last 25 years I've been teaching sport psychology at Montclair State University. During that time, I've helped thousands of athletes - from high school to professionals - do their best when it means the most.

Tomorrow you will play another round of golf. It could be a qualifier for the professional tour or a typical weekend foursome with some of your buddies. Let me ask you four questions:

1) Suppose you hit 500 shots on the range today. Will you have a better swing tomorrow? Probably not.

2) Suppose you stay up all night putting on an indoor practice green. Will you be a better putter tomorrow? Certainly not.

3) Suppose you spend all day practicing the areas of your game that are your weakest. Will you be more skilled tomorrow? Once again, no.

4) But…can you have a better attitude tomorrow than you do right now?


You can't improve your basic swing or golf skills overnight, but you can dramatically improve your attitude. In other words, between tonight and tomorrow, you can go from a losing attitude to a winning attitude.

That's exactly what this book will do for you. This book will show you precisely what to do so you can… …have the mind-set of a winner to lower your score the next time out on the course.

But hold on! If you want to have the mindset of a winner, there is one thing you absolutely cannot do. There is one thing that will guarantee failure. There is one thing that will destroy your game. There is one thing that will rob you of any chance you have of success tomorrow. The one thing is. . .

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that Will Revolutionize the Way You Play the Game

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