"I'm always looking for new ways to help my clients improve their game. Good to Great Golf gives practical tips on the mental side of the game that can help golfers of all levels lower their score. I recommend it to anyone looking for sound advice on the psychological aspects of golf. The book is easy to digest and gives suggestions that golfers can use right away to help their game."

- Rob Stock, PGA Professional, Willow Point Country Club. Author of Pivots and Divots

"As a 30 year golfer, I've found it difficult to discover anything new that can help my game. Good to Great Golf has provided me with a fresh mental approach to the game which has helped me perform with more consistency than I have in a long time."

- Mike Joswick, Amateur Golfer
Denver, Colorado

"I particularly enjoyed the chapter on the Practice Habits that Will Revolutionize Your Game. I was able to work on the techniques the book suggested to improve my mental focus while on the golf range. This translated to better shot making on the course."

- Steve Johnson, Amateur Golfer
Delray Beach, Florida

"In my previous life as a teaching professional, I tried to come up with creative ways to get my students to improve the mechanics of their golf swings. It was an even greater challenge to help them improve the mental aspects of the game. I wish I had Good to Great Golf back then. It's a terrific book that provides easy to implement pointers on the psychology of golf."

- Brad Denton, Orlando, FL
"The Comedy Golf Trick Shot Entertainer"

Good to Great Golf
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